Heart-shooting game featuring ultra cute graphics and gesture-based controls.

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Help AI-KUN to collect flying hearts before they crash on the ground and spread love over the world. How do we succeed on that mission ? Each flying heart has a number written on it, the player will simply draw the heart’s number he wants AI-KUN to aim to and our little angel will execute and throw his arrow collecting love points. The game provides the so called traditional Hit-Bonus scheme for hearts of the same color collected in a raw and borrow some mechanic from Japanese PACHINKO style of game where several events happen during the course of the action.


* Fast addictive 2D action game.
* Amazing vivid graphic.
* 40 levels with progressive difficulty.
* Bonus stages.
* Hit-bonus scheme.
* 1P or 2P Mode play for “Love Test”.
* Gesture recognition.
* Game events
* Themed music, sound effects (16 channels).
* Full animated Tutorial.
* Autosave and Continue.
* WorldWide Leaderboard