INTRODUCING “STAKE THEM ALL” a fun and rewarding physics game for the Ethereum & Tron(TRX) Blockchain !

Introducing “STAKE THEM ALL” a fun and rewarding Physics Game on the Ethereum and Tron(TRX) blockchain powered by the HDX20 Token.
“STAKE THEM ALL” is instantly playable on your desktop browser @

Enough of gambling and boring Dice game, come and play something fun, show the world that you have the eye of the tiger, fingers made of steel and skills to collect Ethereum and Tron(TRX) Prizes.

The game is a physics game with 2 game modes, Challenge mode, and Builder Mode.

How to Play:
CHALLENGE MODE: Set the difficulty of your CHALLENGE by choosing how many cubes you want to stack on top of each other and get rewarded on success.

How to Play:
BUILDER MODE: Stack 15 cubes in order to reach the maximum height. The best score, if not beaten within a 24H countdown, wins the whole POT.

Play for the FUN, Play for the TREASURE, Play for staking HDX20 TOKEN or Play for all at once…Your Choice!

We wish you Good Luck!

About HDX20 Token:


HDX20 tokens can be exchanged against Ethereum (ETH) on our unique exchange only and are distributed every time someone is playing a HDX20 POWERED GAME.

With 4% IN and 4% OUT fee only, the price of the HDX20 is designed to appreciate over time and is fueled by both the volume of transactions and HDX20 POWERED GAMES.

The 4 principles of the HDX20 are :

1. Buy it, the price goes up.
2. Sell it, the price goes up.
3. Transfer it, the price goes up.
4. Play our HDX20 powered games, the price goes up.

While it may sound like “magic” or somehow “hard to believe” when hearing about a token which can only have its price appreciated, there is indeed no magic behind that claim but just an elegant and simple formula.

How can we achieve that the price of the HDX20 does never go down? Simply, every time a transaction is registered by our Smart Contract, like buying the token, selling it, transferring it or playing any HDX20 powered games, there is a little fee (3% + 1% developer fee) which is deducted and then spread over the whole current total supply increasing the price of the token, the smaller the total supply…the bigger the increase, the bigger the volume…the bigger the increase.

We have designed the HDX20 to fix some of the common issues with community tokens, usually, tokens with dividends do not benefit the community when contributors are withdrawing their dividends, price will also fall when someone is selling and their advertised prices are only available for the very next seller, no need to mention that panic (organized?) selling does not generate enough dividends to cover the losses in price, contributors are generally left with a constant fear for a sudden price drop and/or price manipulation, well, this was true until now ! Introducing the HDX20, a token with a unique design which has eliminated all those issues. Unlike other tokens, the HDX20 does always contribute to the community no matter what transaction is done because every single action is going to appreciate the price.

Some of the main features of the HDX20:

.Built for Participation, Passive Income, and Profit Sharing.
Protected against Downside Price Manipulation.
.Powered by a 24/24 unstoppable Exchange running on the Ethereum and Tron Blockchain.
.ZERO risks of the price being driven down by panic selling or organized dumping.
.Automatic Price Appreciation from HDX20 powered games and volume of transactions.
.Risk for holders limited to a lifetime fixed value of 4% IN and 4% OUT (in Ethereum / TRON value).
.Fully transparent, the price of the TOKEN is always equal to the total value held into the Smart Contract divided by the total supply and can be verified at any time.
.ZERO OUT fees when using the HDX20 to play HDX20 powered games.


To find out more about the HDX20 token and our gaming ecosystem, visit our website at

Our Discord Channel at



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