Google removed “Record of Agarest War Zero” from the GooglePlay store Worldwide

We are sorry for all our Android users but Google decided to remove the game from GooglePlay store over violation of the Sexually Explicit Content policy as their email and screenshot image are stating below, unfortunately we are unable to change the game graphics so we won’t be able to submit an update.






Thanks for contacting the Google Play team.

Status: App(com.hyperdevbox.agarestwarzeroja) not available on Google Play

I’ve reviewed your appeal request and found that your app still violates Google Play Policy. I’ve included details below about the specific issue with your app and what you can do to get your app back on Google Play.

Step 1: Fix the policy violation with your app

During review, we found that your app violates the Sexually Explicit Content policy. We don’t allow apps that contain or promote sexually explicit content, such as pornography. In general, we don’t allow content or services intended to be sexually gratifying.

You can read through the Sexually Explicit Content policy page for more details and examples of common violations.

For example, your app currently contains illustrated images that display minimally covered breasts. You can refer to the attached screenshot for additional information.

Please update your app to fix this issue. You may also want to double check that your app complies with all other Developer Program Policies, as additional enforcement could occur if there are further policy violations.

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    • hdxeditor
      hdxeditor says:

      ell I believe there should be a way for customers to access and download their libraries on GooglePlay, please contact them and ask for guidance on how to do it. Unfortunately, We now have no control whatsoever on what can be accessed and what cannot.

    MOCHIMO says:

    Σ( Д )ﻌﻌﻌﻌ⊙ ⊙ Why (∩´﹏`∩) helo sir is there a way to download dlc pack. I buy this game long ago and buys some dlc too, but i miss the dungeon dlc, voice dlc n costumes dlc, how can i buy/download if playstore not alow its ₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄⌂‾᷅)̧̢ ₎₎

    • hdxeditor
      hdxeditor says:

      Like I wrote previously, it should be a way to for GooglePlay customers to access their libraries, unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do, the game was only available on GooglePlay and you will have to contact them to get more details.

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