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We are running a fun auction to name our Racers in EtherKnight game @ https://etherknightgame.io, of course the name has to be rated for “everybody” and not too long, names or nicknames and not URLs or branding products / services name, etc…., we will review each bid and confirm if it is is acceptable or not, so you have a chance to let your digital imprint in that game , we shall start at 0.001 ETH, so just head to our discord channel @ https://discordapp.com/invite/22nQNza and then state your bid, which racer, and the name in the #etherknight-lets-name-our-racers-auction channel , auction will end 24h after the last bid (sounds familiar LOL ?) 🙂
ETHERKNIGHT @ https://etherknightgame.io  is our first Ethereum BlockChain webgl desktop browser game, play, have fun and win some real Ethereum!

4 Knight Characters racing against each other to be the first to reach the goal and win the pot of gold.


The Race will start after at least 1 player has bought shares of any Knight Racer then for every new item activated a 24H countdown will reset. At the end of the countdown, the players on the first Racer will share the Treasure and everybody else will receive their payout (no one is leaving the table without values). In addition, when you buy shares of your favorite Racer 5% of the price will buy you HDX20 Token earning you Ethereum from the volume of any HDX20 POWERED GAMES (visit https://hdx20.io/ for details). Please remember, at every new buy, the price of the share is increasing a little and so will be your payout even if you are not the winner, buying shares at the beginning of the race is highly advised.

Play for the big WIN, Play for the TREASURE, Play for staking HDX20 TOKEN or Play for all at once…Your Choice!

We wish you Good Luck!

.60% to the winners of the race distributed proportionally to their shares.
.10% to the community of HDX20 gamers/holders distributed as price appreciation.
.5% to developer for running, developing and expanding the platform.
.25% for provisioning the TREASURE for the next Race.


‘We are a gaming and entertainment network our blockChain launch product is HDX20 (https://hdx20.io)’

HDX20 tokens can be bought & sold on our exchange and are distributed every time someone is playing a HDX20 POWERED GAME.
With 4% IN and 4% OUT fee only, price of the HDX20 can only go up by design, cannot be dumped on holders and is fueled by both the volume of transactions and HDX20 POWERED GAMES.

The 4 principles of the HDX20 are :

1) Buy it, its price will increase.
2) Sell it, its price will increase.
3) Transfer it, its price will increase.
4) Play our HDX20 powered games, its price will increase.

Our Blockchain SmartContract IS the market and makes sure that the HDX20 Price never fall below its current selling price thus offering an unique CONTEXT where risk is known at all time and limited to the IN and OUT fees only.

We have designed a vault where your HDX20 value while still indexed on the Ethereum Price will appreciate automatically over time.



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