Thermidor – Here is another main characters – Armandine’s father, Camille de la Marne!



Here is another one of Thermidor’s main characters – Armandine’s father, Camille de la Marne.
A noble French aristocrat, and a staunch traditionalist. He is a highly influential noble in Paris. His most notable contribution is his alliance with Abbot Gregoire Ouvirard who is the head of a local monastery. When his daughter begins to show affections to a commoner named Leandre, he goes through a lot of trouble to keep them separated. Although he seems to be cruel on the outside, not one of his schemes includes killing the boy.
And now for our #dailyquiz !
During one of his business trips around the country, Camille stopped over to buy a beautiful sword that soon became his favorite.
Can you tell us where he bought it?

As usual, if you look carefully at this picture, you will find a hint! ^^

Thermidor – A multi-platform Tactical Adventure JRPG that takes place during the French Revolution (1789).
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