Thermidor – Offering a framed picture (size A3) of Léandre, that will be signed by the staff!

Leandre Print A3-2000
Daily Quiz Prize!
HyperDevbox Japan is offering a framed picture (size A3) of Léandre, that will be signed by the staff!
We will give this unique prize to the person who gave the most correct answers to our #dailyquiz posts. The answers and the winner will be announced at the end of the competition.
*In case two or more people give the same amount of correct answers, the person who commented his/her answer the earliest will be chosen.
*There will be three different winners for each of our page languages – English, French and Japanese.
Note that we have already started our daily quizzes with the introduction of our main character here – http://ow.ly/IGmp304WyAZ
And yesterday’s quiz is here – http://ow.ly/5msq304WyFH
So be sure to participate! ^^

Thermidor – A multi-platform Tactical Adventure JRPG that takes place during the French Revolution (1789).
We will be launching our crowdfunding campaign soon!
All the details about the game will be disclosed at the start of the campaign.
To find out more, visit our website at http://hyperdevbox.com/?portfolio=thermidor1789


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