Thermidor – This is our main character – Léandre


This is our main character – Léandre.
He is a romanticist with the heart of an explorer.
He is a quick thinker, persuasive, and likes anything heroic or adventurous, though lazy when it comes to house chores or work.
He is also an excellent rifler, and can use a sword better than anyone his age (19).

Léandre’s mother, Marie, always prepares with love his favorite food.
Can you guess what it is?
If you look carefully at this picture, you will find a hint! ^^

Thermidor – A multi-platform Tactical Adventure JRPG that takes place during the French Revolution (1789).
We will be launching our crowdfunding campaign soon!
All the details about the game will be disclosed at the start of the campaign.
To find out more, visit our website at


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